Step Into Your Greatness
Boulder, Colorado, USA
The Integral Center
June 22 – 24 // 8am – 5pm Daily
Level 1 & Level 2
Level 1 (Fri. & Sat.) – $450
Level 2 (Sun.) – $450
Level 1 & 2 Combo – $750
SOLD OUT - please contact 
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The Way Is The Training …
The Urban Monk practices are meant to be done daily and the traditional way of learning is LIVE with a master. I’m excited to share the DIRECT TRANSMISSION of my esoteric Taoist Qi Gong with my students. This practice is what powers me and my Grand Master had forbidden filming it before he passed away. That means I can only teach it in a live setting. And now…that time has come. I’m excited to share the deepest, most powerful, and special practice that I’ve treasured with you.

Come ready to receive. Sharing this practice is very special and I take it very seriously.
This is designed as an experience that you will take home with you.
Three days of dedicated practice to help imprint the practice in your body


Level One of the Tao Tan Pai system. These exercises will help balance your energy, boost Vitality, lubricate the joints, and calm the mind. There are seven levels to the system and level one must be mastered before moving forward.


In order to step into your power, you body and mind need to be able to channel more energy. The practices we will cover will help bring up your capacity to move more energy through your system.


This is a big part of the Urban Monk Practice. We’ll do practices which will help you drop into a timeless space and deeply relax into the present moment.


This is very difficult for many of my students. I’ll lead the group into some powerful meditations so you can feel it and gain access to this special place. The key is to be able to “go there” and “come back” on demand in your daily life.


We will be moving and taking care of our bodies all weekend. Do not expect to sit around and take notes at a desk all weekend because that’s not how I roll. Let’s get into it and bring life back into our bodies.


Let’s laugh and enjoy meeting each-other. I love our community and really want you all to connect and support each-other along your paths.


Level 2 of this system is a powerful healing practice that teaches you how to clear blockage, open energy channels, and heal body parts. After learning Level One (The 31 Exercises), you can learn this skillset that’ll be the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of your life. Typically, I teach Level 2 in it’s own dedicated format but am offering it on the back of Level One this time as a rare treat.
  What People Are Saying:
"...Forever altered my life's trajectory!"
The Urban Monk’s Level 1 Retreat forever altered my life’s trajectory. Pedram is the most present person I’ve ever encountered. He skillfully led our class through a series of taoist qigong exercises that left me questioning everything I knew about energy. The short term benefits from this ancient practice were impressive – I left the retreat with crystal clear clarity, razor sharp focus, newfound energy and a sense of peace that emanated from within. The long term benefits were even more outstanding. It was the first time in years I felt clear and ready to begin the life I always dreamed of. 
– Adam Bucci
"...I am calmer and more peaceful!"
My experience with the Urban Monk Retreats has changed my life and perhaps others around me since. I find that I am now a calmer, more peaceful, and even more aware version of myself after implementing the practice into daily life. Pedram is a wonderful teacher with an incredible amount of attention toward his students.  I cannot quite describe the feeling and effects from doing this practice other than… It just makes you feel good all over. I’ve noticed a better sense of balance in every way — Mentally, physically, emotionally, inside, outside. I left the retreat knowing that this isn’t something I just want to continue with, but I MUST continue with if I hope for a deeper sense of personal growth. 
– Kristine Yan
"I can't wait for the next one."
Deciding to attend the Urban Monk Retreats has helped me gain energy and has showed me how to make more time for the most important things in my life.  Learning Qi Gong and meditation techniques passed down from Pedram’s grandmaster is such an honor and to learn from Pedram live is awesome! The camaraderie within the Urban Monk community has inspired and uplifted me and I can’t wait for the next one and to meet up in person again. 
- Andrea Franz Parks
June 22nd – 24th
Boulder, CO
(Only Valid During Dates Of Retreat)

Childcare Available $111/day includes snacks & lunch.  Contact if interested.
Disclaimer: Refund Deadline 5/31/18

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