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Dr. Pedram Shojai

Founder of and the author of the NYT Bestselling book The Urban Monk.  He's here to help you navigate the obstacles and get to the next level in YOUR life and career.
In this free webinar, we will show you the Urban Monk framework for how you can navigate the obstaclesstep into your power and master your life. 
It's not a lack of energy, it's a misdirected flow.

How to Have Lots More Time and Energy

Time and energy are scarce when you're unclear about their outflows. In fact, money will do the same. Let's fix that with some specific practices.

How to Make a Life Garden and Thrive

The Life Garden helps you prioritize the things that matter to you in life and allocate the proper amount of energy and time to them.

A Framework For Successful Life

Intention is not enough. Without clear focus, we burn through all our energy and run ragged trying to force our will on reality. Here's a better way...

PLUS: Special Bonus

How to (quite literally) become a 'Black Belt' at life and make all your friends ask how the heck you did it.
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