Boost Your Immune System, Get Better Sleep And Enjoy Overall Vitality in Just 3 Days!
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April 26th-28th 2019
The DoubleTree 
in Beautiful Irvine, CA
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Your 3 Day Healing Retreat: $550
(Friday 1 pm
-5pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, & Sunday 8am-12pm)
Here's What You're Going to Experience:
In just three days together we'll cover dedicated trainings to help imprint the practice in your body...


You cannot do anything without your health. It’s the baseline of your life. Good health provides the vitality required to run your body and mind for daily activities. These specific Health & Healing practices  are designed  to bring up your “wei qi.” This will boost immunity, heal organs, and bring up your overall vitality. This is an experience that you will be able to take home with you. Practice them daily until you feel full of life.


A powerful practice that activates the muscles, lengthens the breath, and circulates energy through all of the energy meridians of the body. The is an incredible health practice that'll boost your immunity, energy levels, flexibility, and core strength.


A more gentle health set that helps calm the mind, circulate energy, and build mental clarity and focus. This practice can be done in the evenings and will help you sleep, digest, and recover from a long day.

Together, these practices provide the essential "yin and yang" balancing you need to live a happy and healthy life. Each takes 10-15 minutes and, done daily, students feel incredible results in their lives.


Learning to calm your mind is important but there are many other skills you must learn. Focused visualization, breath control, progressive relaxation, and directed energy for healing are all key lessons to learn. Let's go inward and mine for gold.


In order to step into your power, your body and mind need to be able to handle more energy. The practices we will cover will help bring up your capacity to move more vitality and breath through your system.


This is a big part of the Urban Monk Practice. We’ll do practices which will help you drop into a timeless space and deeply relax into the present moment.


We will be moving and taking care of our bodies all weekend. Do not expect to sit around and take notes at a desk because that’s not how I roll. Let’s get into it and bring life back into our bodies.


Let’s laugh and enjoy meeting each-other. I love our community and really want you all to connect and support each-other along your paths.
what people are saying about their experience...
"One of the greatest gifts you could give to yourself..."
The retreat is awesome and only something that can be experienced in person and sharing the energy of the group. The training will enhance or activate your personal life force whether you are advanced in working with energy or just beginning. One of the greatest gifts you could give to yourself would be to go to a retreat to learn and be.  Let the instructions teach you how to open up to hear and feel your own guidance. When you allow yourself to be guided by your Heart and Higher self through this process your experience will be truly yours and there will be no need to compare it to anyone or anything else. This is a practice that stands alone and yet blends with everything.                            
– Patrick Murray
"I felt home..."
Tears just came running down (happy ones!) It was a great way to close our learning sessions. Pedram is such an inspirational and authentic man that his words of wisdom during those ceremonies just touch me deeply. I felt home...
– Anonymous Post Retreat Survey

"No Bullshit"
No Bullshit - all perfectly directed work.  Pedram did all the teaching.  His method of teaching was free of frustration inducing expectation.  Steps further on the journey of awakening. Increased my awareness of how to continue to grow.
-Martha Hackett

"...a gift that keeps on growing..."
It is truly a life changing experience that is extremely worth it!  From learning to focus our eyes on one movement, to breathing all the way down our abdomen to feeling our energy surface, it is a practice that will for sure have an impact on your life.  The extent of that impact will depend on what you decide to do with it after the retreat.  It is a gift that keeps on growing if you learn to cherish it. 
-Josiane Paiement

" empowering and I feel a sense of pride"
All of this was a beautiful touch to the retreat but learning to do this form was truly when I felt the most emotion.  Coming home and doing this every day has been so empowering and I feel a sense of pride in knowing it and also I feel a greater sense of honoring myself better.  Loving myself more.  Doing something just for me. 
-Anonymous Post Retreat Survey

"...refreshing lightness to the learning."
It was such a privilege to learn about this ancient wisdom from someone so dedicated to sharing it faithfully.  And then there is his magic touch that somehow transformed a hundred or so bumbling 4-year-old adults into a cohesive unit, executing a complex series of practices in profound unison by the end of day two.  Amazing!
- Mary  Rogers

Q:  What is the closest airport to the event?
A: John Wayne- Orange County Airport (SNA) is 7 miles from The DoubleTree Hotel and they do offer a complimentary shuttle.

Q: What is recommended to bring?
A: Notebook or paper and pen to take notes, Meditation Cushion, and to wear comfortable clothes.

Q: Are any meals included?
A: All meals will be on your own.  There are many restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance or a quick shuttle ride. 

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: The refund deadline for this workshop is 3/29/19.

Q: Is there a charge for parking at The Doubletree if I will be commuting there daily?
A:  Complimentary parking is available for day time attendees

Q: Who do I contact if I have specific questions or concerns?
A: Please contact Christi Gonshorowski- Program Director for The Urban Monk 

Special Discounted Hotel Rates Available at 
The DoubleTree - Irvine Spectrum
For additional assistance regarding room reservations please contact (949) 471-8888 and reference The Urban Monk.  Discount available until 3/25/19
*Conveniently set in Irvine Spectrum Business Park and Entertainment Center
*Minutes from things to do in Irvine, CA including Laguna Beach, Newport Beach & South Coast Plaza
*7 miles from John Wayne Orange County Airport, complimentary shuttle to and from the SNA airport
* Discounted Overnight Guest Room Self-Parking $15/day (normally $21/day)
*Complimentary parking for day time attendees
*24-hour business center, Complimentary WiFi (normally $9.95/day)
*Fitness center, outdoor pool and on-site 90 Pacifica Restaurant and Wine Bar

Disclaimer: Refund Deadline 3/29/19

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