"The Way is the Training"
3 Days That Will Boost Your Energy, Better Your Sleep, and Calm Your Mind
September 21st- 23rd

Hyatt Regency
Newport Beach, CA USA

Bring a friend to the retreat for $100 off
( 3 friend maximum & must be new to the training)
Contact christi@well.org to verify discount
Level 1 Training
Limited Spots Available

Level 1   -  $550
(Fri. - Sat. 8am-5pm & Sun 8am -12pm
The Way Is The Training …
The Urban Monk practices are meant to be done daily and the traditional way of learning is LIVE with a master. I’m excited to share the DIRECT TRANSMISSION of my esoteric Taoist Qi Gong with my students. This practice is what powers me and my Grand Master had forbidden filming it before he passed away. That means I can only teach it in a live setting. And now…that time has come. I’m excited to share the deepest, most powerful, and special practice that I’ve treasured with you.

Here's the deal: Most people are throwing darts at the mindfulness board. They've learned a handful of techniques and are using them haphazardly trying to feel better. They've never been shown the Light. They've never felt the flow of vitality, energy, and pure spirit in their bodies so it's all a mental exercise. 

That ends here. 

This comes from my temple training that delivers a powerful, visceral and real experience you can't deny. Once you experience it, there's no doubting it...there's no doubting you true essential nature.

You learn the system, you do the work, and YOU reap the rewards.

Come ready to receive. Sharing this practice is very special and I take it very seriously.
This is designed as an experience that you will take home with you.
Three days of dedicated practice to help imprint the practice in your body


Level One of the Tao Tan Pai system. These exercises will help balance your energy, boost Vitality, lubricate the joints, and calm the mind. There are seven levels to the system and level one must be mastered before moving forward.


In order to step into your power, you body and mind need to be able to handle more energy. The practices we will cover will help bring up your capacity to move more vitality and breath through your system.


This is a big part of the Urban Monk Practice. We’ll do practices which will help you drop into a timeless space and deeply relax into the present moment.


This is very difficult for many of my students. I’ll lead the group into some powerful meditations so you can feel it and gain access to this special place. The key is to be able to “go there” and “come back” on demand in your daily life.


We will be moving and taking care of our bodies all weekend. Do not expect to sit around and take notes at a desk all weekend because that’s not how I roll. Let’s get into it and bring life back into our bodies.


Let’s laugh and enjoy meeting each-other. I love our community and really want you all to connect and support each-other along your paths.
(For your convenience the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach offers complimentary transportation between the hotel and John Wayne Airport-Orange County  (SNA) as well as to great shopping and dining at Fashion Island and Balboa Island. 

For additional assistance regarding room reservations contact (888) 421-1442 and reference Well.Org Urban Monk Fall Retreat – September 2018
Questions or concerns please contact: christi@well.org
what people are saying...
Level 1 & Level 2  summer retreat- boulder, co:
"One of the greatest gifts you could give to yourself..."
The retreat is awesome and only something that can be experienced in person and sharing the energy of the group. The training will enhance or activate your personal life force whether you are advanced in working with energy or just beginning. One of the greatest gifts you could give to yourself would be to go to a retreat to learn and be,  forget everything you think you might know about energy or the practice. Let the instructions teach you how to open up to hear and feel your own guidance. When you allow yourself to be guided by your Heart and Higher self through this process your experience will be truly yours and there will be no need to compare it to anyone or anything else. This is a practice that stands alone and yet blends with everything.                            
– Patrick Murray

"...an opportunity that should not be squandered."
If they have the background from the Academy or the books.  Do it.  If not, spend some time getting the knowledge, then go to a retreat.  I think you will get a lot more out of the experience if you have this. 
Also, there aren't very many opportunities to learn the TTP system, so having this kind of access to a teacher like Pedram is a blessing and an opportunity that should not be squandered.
-Anonymous Post Retreat Survey

"...by far the most amazing practice..."
If you are ready to commit to yourself and willing to be open to the practice and change in your life then hands down do it.   This is by far the most amazing practice ever to facilitate a healthy connection with your mind, body and spirit.  I cannot say enough and have already started spreading the word with my friends
-Anonymous Post Retreat Survey

"No Bullshit"
No Bullshit - all perfectly directed work.  Pedram did all the teaching.  His method of teaching was free of frustration inducing expectation.  Steps further on the journey of awakening. Increased my awareness of how to continue to grow.
-Martha Hackett

"...a gift that keeps on growing..."
It is truly a life changing experience that is extremely worth it!  From learning to focus our eyes on one movement, to breathing all the way down our abdomen to feeling our energy surface, it is a practice that will for sure have an impact on your life.  The extent of that impact will depend on what you decide to do with it after the retreat.  It is a gift that keeps on growing if you learn to cherish it.
-Josiane Paiement

"...so empowering and I feel a sense of pride"
All of this was a beautiful touch to the retreat but learning to do this form was truly when I felt the most emotion.  Coming home and doing this every day has been so empowering and I feel a sense of pride in knowing it and also I feel a greater sense of honoring myself better.  Loving myself more.  Doing something just for me. 
-Anonymous Post Retreat Survey

"I felt home..."
Tears just came running down (happy ones!)   It was a great way to close our learning sessions.  Pedram is such an inspirational and authentic man that his words of wisdom during those ceremonies just touch me deeply.  I felt home...
-Anonymous Post Retreat Survey

"...refreshing lightness to the learning."
It was such a privilege to learn about this ancient wisdom from someone so dedicated to sharing it faithfully.  While it is certainly serious business, Pedram's wit and good humor brought a refreshing lightness to the learning.  And then there is his magic touch that somehow transformed a hundred or so bumbling 4-year-old adults into a cohesive unit, executing a complex series of practices in profound unison by the end of day two.  Amazing!

- Mary  Rogers

"...gave me the framework"

"...exceeded my expectations"

"...helps us tap into our self"

"...more agency & autonomy over my path"

"...walking the talk"

"...his style is engaging"

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